Tennant Biomodulator

The Tennant Biomodulator is an electrical stimulation device that is used to treat symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, post traumatic pain and post surgical pain. This device has four advanced frequency sets that are simple to use but are not available in any other electrical stimulation units. Unlike a normal TENS unit the Biomodulator changes the frequencies so the body can not tune out the signal. This means the body continues to get pain relieving input the whole time the device is in use. The Biomodulator is used by physical therapists and other medical professionals to decrease pain which improves patients functional abilities.  This is important in breaking the inflammation, pain, spasm cycle which causes most chronic conditions. An injury leads to inflammation which causes pain and then triggers spasm. The spasm causes additional stress and does not allow the tissue to heal normally. This cycle must be interrupted for recovery to take place. The Tennant Biomodulator allows us to halt this cycle and to continue the bodies natural healing process.

We have found the Biomodulator an important part of our treatment tools. It has been effective in decreasing pain and relieving muscle spasms prior to manual techniques making them much more comfortable and effective for the patient. We have also seen this device decrease pain and spasm in difficult areas such as the Piriformis and Psoas which most other TENS devices have little to no effect. As we continue to add additional technologies to our advanced therapy model, we are pleased to offer the Tennant Biomodulator as an effective treatment for pain.